T-shirt Contest FAQs

1. What is the competition about?
Its really just a t-shirt design competition, organized by us at Cutlet.
You send design-Cutlet judges-You (might) win-You get prize-We print t-shirt-You happy & famous-Srishti family wears t-shirt.

2. How am I eligible?
If you are currently enrolled in Srishti, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t participate.
If you are Srishti faculty/ visiting faculty/ staff, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t participate.

3. I am Srishti alumni. Can I participate?
No. Sorry. Only those currently part of Srishti can participate. Maybe next time.

4. I am not part of Srishti at all. Can I participate?
No. Sorry. But only those who are a part of Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology are eligible for participation.

5. What’s the last date to submit my entry?
The last date is 12th September 2009. Dont worry! There’s still enough time for you to start.
Entries recieved after the last date, will be deleted even before its been opened. And no, we dont care if your design could make it to fashion week, we’re still deleting it.

6. How do I send it you?
You can e-mail it to us: oyecutlet@googlegroups.com
OR contact a Cutlet editaur, and hand it to them as a digital file.

7. What file type should I send it in?
Any image file type is alright – Jpeg, Tiff, Pdf etc.

8. What sort of design can I send in? Is there a theme?
Illustrations. Cartoons & Caricatures. Typography. Anything almost. Anything that is YOUR creation. (Cutlet frowns upon plagiarism) Anything you think would suit a t-shirt.
No. There is no theme. Its completely open.

9. What size does it have to be?
A maximum size of A4 is allowed. If you like your design smaller, its fine by us.

10. Can it be in colour?
No. Only greyscale.
Colour printing would mean a lot more money. Cutlet is still not on the forbes 500. 😦

11. How and on what will it be printed?*
It will be rubber printed on a simple round neck coloured cotton t-shirt.

12. When will the results be declared?*
16th September 2009

13. Who are the panel of judges?*
There will be 3 judges on the panel.
Judges Names: TBA

14. How many winners/runners-up are there? What is the prize?
There is only one winner (ABBA once said The Winner Take it All).
Once you have been declared the winner, your winning design will be printed on t-shirts, and marketed to the Srishti community – all expenditure from Cutlet’s own pocket.
A great future awaits you.

15.What am I waiting for?
We’re not sure, really. Start Drawing!!

If your still in doubt, please free to post a query, or email. (only, if your shy) Personally, we prefer the comments, below the post.

* Subject to change


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