About Us

Cutlet is the Srishti magazine.

It was born on an impulse, out of boredom and want for some change – with a poster calling for magazine entries one day  in May 2008. The founding members were 8 friends, 2nd year students at the time, with an ambition to put out a zine/ magazine in under 4 days before the year end. That was the trial issue.

The ‘real’ issue 1 roped in an entire student workforce, managed organized funding from Srishti, and was released on February 4th 2009 (yay!) pushing it towards what we’re wanting it to become.

The point was to bring the Srishti community together and give enthusiastic students a platform showcase and share work – writings, sketches, photographs, hobbies & interests et al.  Besides, lets face it – Yelahanka is a village so the magazine helps with informing the community about events happening in Bangalore and the design world.

The Lost and Found (Issue 1) team:
Editors: Aajwanthi K.B, Alannah D’Souza, Devashish Guruji, Divya Gaitonde, Karno Guhathakurta, Sadhvi Jawa, Uditi Shah, Urmila Shastry

Departments: Journalism, Art, Print, Publicity, Data Management
Shruti Chowdhury, Arav Narang, Rohan Gupta, Disha Roy, Maanvi Kapur, Varun Dhanda, Ramya Pothukuchi, Anees Mekhri, Aneesa Hamid, Samvida Nanda, Shrikar Marur, Kinshuk Surjan, Neha Bhat, Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, Rajasee Ray, Tanvee Nabar, Ishita Dharap, Madhurya Balan, Dhruv Nawani, Rashna Engineer, Arya Rothe, Tisha Deb Pillai, Rucha Dhayarkar, Kamala Murali, Sanya Rai Gupta, Priyanka Chaurasia, Sumona Chakravarty, Piyush Kumar,Prerna Bishnoi, Nikita Mannam

The theme for Issue 2 was ‘This way, that way‘. This time we went in for a different format – more fun, and more zine like. A 23×36″  sheet of paper with one side of articles and the other a screen printed (by the team) cutlet poster: each copy being in different colour combinations.