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# 3 Entries open!

This was a call for new entries to join our team! The new students who have joined this year as well as old ones who wanted to. The drop box for their names and interests etc. The new issue is coming up! Do send us anything that you want in there.

new box


Cutlet #2 Feedback board

To get feedback from students and faculty who had looked at the previous issue, we put up a feedback/suggestion board. There were cut-outs of various shaped that people could write on and put on the board. We were hoping it would be a collage/narrative os some sorts! Here is what it looked like.




Cutlet #2 Release Day

great 8

This is us editaurs holding up the screen printed poster of cutlet!

Cutlet #2 Poster

One of our many iterations of the art spread which we screen printed onto one side of Cutlet this time. Here are some of us working on the art spread. We tried illustrating around this time’s theme, which was ‘This way, that way’

One of the iterations of the art spread

working on the art spread!

Working on the spread


Eat Your Cutlet

Hey Guys,

It is finally out! This is our first edition.

Download the issue here!

It might take sometime, Please bear with us!