Cutlet #2 Release Day

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This is us editaurs holding up the screen printed poster of cutlet!


Cutlet #2 Poster

One of our many iterations of the art spread which we screen printed onto one side of Cutlet this time. Here are some of us working on the art spread. We tried illustrating around this time’s theme, which was ‘This way, that way’

One of the iterations of the art spread

working on the art spread!

Working on the spread


Cutlet #2: This Way, That Way



Anything almost…?

And its open again. If you want your work in the next issue – now is your chance!

We’ve started work on the next issue.
Please mail us your contributions at or hand it over to someone in the cutlet team.

As the name suggests – we’ll accept anything. well almost – writings, artwork, photographs etc etc.

The Srishti Students Blog

The Srishti Logblog has launched!

Check It Out :

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Eat Your Cutlet

Hey Guys,

It is finally out! This is our first edition.

Download the issue here!

It might take sometime, Please bear with us!

On stands now!