Issue One

LOST + FOUND – Yashas Shetty

Just when you thought you’ve escaped school and its jarring demands on your soul with only a few minor scars and bruises, imagine being accosted by A STUDENT, one of those inconsequential, buzzing drones that flit in and out of your consciousness for milliseconds, demanding that – ” A 500 WORD ESSAY ON THE TOPIC ‘LOST AND FOUND’ SHOULD BE SUBMITTED BY TUESDAY”


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The Next Turn – Karno

Yeah, yeah, I’m still on the line…just-just listen to me! No, you’ll be going in the wrong direction if you don’t listen to me. Man, you’re nearly there! Just walk!

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The Lost Indian – Devashish Guruji

So we’re all huddled up (more students than professionals by the looks of it) in this auditorium and we’re being asked a question. What is Indian design? And I realize I don’t know. I don’t know
whether I know what he means by that question or what that question actually means.

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Oh shit… – Neha Bhat

We all do it. We lose it. Shamelessly, unmindful of the consequences, we are forced to lose it, confined by bodily necessity or general cleanliness of those metres of space we reside in, that we bother to maintain. It is one of the few things in our social realm that we are taught to lose. From being buried under the foliage in one’s backyard, or being flushed away in a narrow pipe, being rinsed in the vacuum of a basin with three holes, being trashed in a suave container in a swanky mall, being collected in a light-weight container in a flight mid-air to being thrown into a jumbled mass of undecipherable objects on the roadside, we lose our waste everyday.

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Two left feat. – Samvida

A sneak peek at Arati Rao and Roy Vargheses’ (alumni of Srishti, current faculty) journeys.

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Conspiracy theory – Ishita


I felt the vibrations as soon as I had transcended the 16-kilometer mark onto yet another blue-green planet whose inhabitants thought they were an intelligent species. “Pshaw”, I sniggered quietly to myself. It was another one of my visits to other planets bearing other beings to glimpse into other lives, other stories. And the one I was about to discover would change my life completely.

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Wet Earth and Rain – Neha Bhat

Ecological concerns. Resource management. Earth-based construction.

Sound like big shot hypothetical concepts from an environment science textbook? Or one of those brilliant design theories everyone seems to be talking about at ‘Design summits’, but are mostly forgotten in practicality?

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The Food Stylist – Anisa Hamid

Remember the last time you drooled over that beautiful photograph of chocolate cake with ice cream by the side? Three layers of soft cake with rich, dark chocolate icing oozing from between and that perfect dollop of cream. Before you can recover from the chocolate cake your eyes reach the vanilla ice cream, topped off with glistening chocolate sauce that seems to have trickled onto the plate on one side but is still rolling down on the other side.

Remember the last time you craved it, and swore you would give anything to have it?

Yet, when you finally buy it, have you ever found yourself wondering how come it doesn’t look as gorgeous as it did in the photograph?

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Wish. Imagine. Try. Fail. Learn. Design. – Kinshuk

When Remya Jose ‘s mother fell ill, the chore of doing the laundry fell upon her. She didn’t bleat; she only observed, imagined and designed a simple pedal-operated washing machine.

When there was a big flood in Champaran, Saidullah wished for his bicycle to move on water, as well as land. Soon, he had designed his wish.

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Beyond Text- Sindhu Tirumalaiswamy

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Visual Democracy- Alannah

Wordle is one of the many visualization applications available online.

Learn more about this application and what it is trying to do!

Manga- Tanvee Nabar

Did you roll your eyes when you read this title? Did you think ” Whatever……!”

Or did you just assume an amused smile of condescension? Let’s hope that an iota of interest won the battle.

You: Ok, ok…..what is it? What is Manga? And why should I care? Read more!


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